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The Kunous

Tatewaki Kunou
Kodachi Kunou
Principal Kuno

Tatewaki Kunou

Names: Tatawaki Kuno; Kuno Tatawaki; upperclassman; mostly called "Kuno"
Name Meaning: Tatawaki = "carrying a sword"; Kuno = "9 abilities"
Age: approximately 17
Relatives: Kodachi (sister), Principal Kuno (father)
Nationality: Japanese
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Black
Love Interest: Akane and Ranma (girl form)
Loved by: Mariko Konjo
Occupation: Student at Furinkan High; school kendo captain
Hobbies: Kendo; poetry
Fighting Styles: Kendo
Weapons: Wooden sword
Weaknesses: Demented, perverted, and gullible
Opponents and Rivals: Ranma

Kuno is very eloquent in his speaking and generally has sort of a self-absorbed attitude as well as a huge ego. He pursues both Onna-Ranma and Akane with a fervor that could almost be called insane. This chasing of the two girls is the only time we see him get worked up and lose his cool, poetic, and calm demeanor. Kuno also has a high sense of honor, but he easily undermined or twisted to fit his own needs. Though maintaining that he is very different from his sister Kodachi, Kuno is really very much like her, though slightly more restrained.

Tatewaki Kuno, who calls himself the "Blue Thunder" of Furinkan High, is the Kendo captain at the school and one of Ranma's major enemies. He is a big influence at school, not only because of his money, but also for his skill at wielding the wooden sword, or bokken, he carries around. At least, that's how it was before Ranma Saotome showed up. Though their first match ended in a draw, on consequent fights Ranma has bested Kunou, earning the focus of the Kendoist's anger and dislike.

Another thing about Kuno is that he is apt to quote poetry to express how he feels about something...especially when it comes to Akane Tendo. Kuno declared, in his flamboyant and poetic way, that whoever wanted to date Akane had to defeat her in hand-to-hand combat. As a result, Akane was beset every day afterwards by a horde of guys trying to get a date with her by defeating her

This changed, however, when Ranma Saotome entered Akane's life. Ranma's supposed engagement to Akane discouraged most of Akane's "suitors", but Kuno was not to be defeated. He challenged Ranma to a duel. Unfortunately, it was during this duel that Ranma accidentally jumped into the school's pool, turning him into a girl. Kuno accidentally found out that he was now fighting a girl, but had no idea that the girl and boy-type Ranmas were one and the same.

As a result, Kuno fell for the girl-type Ranma as well as Akane, referring to the "mystery girl" only as "Osagi no Onna", or "pig-tailed goddess/girl". Whether Kuno is really naive about the curse of Ranma, or if he's just denying it is unclear. However, Kuno still holds firm in the belief that he will one day get Ranma out of the way and "double date" with Akane and his pig-tailed goddess..

Kodachi Kunou

Names: Kodachi Kuno; Kuno Kodachi; "Black Rose"
Name Meaning: Kodachi = "little long sword"; Kuno = "9 abilities"
Age: approximately 16
Relatives: Tatawaki (brother), Principal Kuno (father)
Nationality: Japanese
Eye Color: Purple
Hair Color: Black
Love Interest: Ranma
Occupation: Student at St. Hebereke High; school gymnastics captain
Hobbies: Horticulture (including plants, drugs, and poisons), Gymnastics
Fighting Styles: Martial Rhythmic Gymnastics
Weapons: Hoop, club, and ball
Weaknesses: Demented and somewhat psychotic
Opponents and Rivals: Akane, Ranma (in girl-form), Shampoo, Ukyo

Kodachi is very much like her brother, Tatewaki Kuno, but without the sense of honor or aloofness that he has. Kodachi has no scruples about using, paralysis gas, poison, nails, or any type of means possible to get what she wants. Kodachi is very determined about winning her darling Ranma away from Akane. It has been said her actions border on insanity, but "eccentric" seems to be a better adjective to describe her. A truly evil and backstabbing character, though in the comedic sense.

Kodachi Kuno is the little sister of Tatewaki Kuno, and calls herself the "Black Rose" of Martial Arts Rhythmic Gymnastics. In some ways, she is very similar to her brother, and in some ways she is not. However, one thing is for sure: she is prepared to do anything to win, even dirty tricks..

Before, Kodachi usually ambushed her opponents before her matches, and wins by default most of the time. Unfortunately, when she was to face Akane Tendo she was unable to effectively disable her beforehand. It was during one of these attempts that she met Ranma Saotome and became enamored with him.

Kodachi then found out that Akane was Ranma's fiance, and redoubled her efforts to try to disable her and win Ranma. In the end though, Akane injured herself, and the girl to take her place was, ironically enough, Ranma (in girl form)!

Kodachi was defeated by the substitute Onna-Ranma, and like her brother, does not know that Onna-Ranma (girl) and Otoko-Ranma (boy) are the same person. Kodachi thinks that the "pig-tailed girl" she fought is also in love with Ranma, and believes Akane and the pig-tailed girl to be obstacles to her true love, Ranma. It is her hope to somehow eliminate both of them so she can have her "Ranma-sama" all to herself.

Principal Kunou

Names: Principal Kunou
Name Meaning: Kunou = "9 abilities"
Age: 35-50
Relatives: Tatewaki (son), Kodachi (daughter)
Nationality: Japanese
Hair Color: Black
Occupation: Principal of Furinkan High School
Hobbies: Anything Hawaiian
Fighting Styles: Fights with hair clippers
Weapons: Hair clippers
Weaknesses: Thoroughly demented

Principal Kuno is the long-lost father of Tatewaki and Kodachi Kuno. After disappearing three years ago, he resurfaced at Furinkan to resume his duties as principal.

While he was away he spent his years in Hawaii where he picked up a tan and an odd "Island accent". He often mixes in English words with his Japanese. He loves all things tropical.

Principal Kuno also has an odd love of cutting hair. He insists that everyone at Furinkan High should have the same kind of haircuts and has a serious problem with Ranma having a pigtail.

There is little love lost between Principal Kuno and his children. Tatewaki finds him irritating and has horrible memories of having his head shaved as a child that have left a long lasting emotional scar.