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The Others

Doctor Ono Tofu
Hinako Ninomiya


Names: Happosai; Happousai; Happy
Name Meaning: Happosai = "8 treasures together"
Age: 100-300
Nationality: Japanese
Hair Color: Grey, White
Love Interest: All beautiful women
Occupation: Thief of women's underwear; martial arts master (teacher)
Hobbies: Chasing pretty women, stealing lingerie
Fighting Styles: Easily distracted by pretty women and lingerie
Weaknesses: Cats, cold water, and Akane

The legendary perverted master of Soun Tendo and Genma Saotome has returned to ruin their lives. After drinking too much one day, Genma and Soun were able to tie him up in a basket and seal him away in a cave.

For many years Happosai stayed locked away until the seal was broken and he escaped. His first targets were Soun and Genma, after making their lives a living hell, Ranma decided to intervene and quickly found he was no match for Happosai.

Happosai loves to steal women's undergarments. He has a large collection of bras and panties that he carries around in a large sack. He can often be found groping women and making a nuisance of himself. In fact, if he doesn't touch a woman regularly, he becomes sick and weak.

Happosai was also responsible for the naming of Pantyhose and teaching Hinako Ninomiya her metabolism altering techniques.

Doctor Ono Tofu

Names: Doctor Tofu Ono; Doctor Ono Tofu; usually Dr. Tofu
Name Meaning: Ono = "small amount of"; Tofu = "vegetarian meat substitute"
Age: 20-35
Relatives: None in manga, unnamed mother in anime
Nationality: Japanese
Eye Color: Turquoise
Hair Color: Brown
Love Interest: Kasumi
Occupation: Local chiropractor
Hobbies: Gardening
Fighting Styles: Unknown, but "very good"
Weaknesses: Loses sanity whenever Kasumi is around

Dr. Tofu Ono is the local chiropractor and often helps Akane and Ranma when they have bumps, bruises or dislocated joints from their many fights. He is very knowledgeable about martial arts techniques although he is never seen practicing.

Dr. Tofu is also deeply in love with Kasumi Tendo. In fact, whenever he is in her presence, his glasses fog over and he becomes nervous. He has injured quite a few of his patients when this happens.

Dr. Tofu is well liked in the community and has many older clients. For a time he employed both Genma Saotome and Shampoo as assistants. He is often seen in the company of his skeleton, Betty, which he carries and moves as if it were a real person.

At one time Akane had a crush on Dr. Tofu and he would often give her advice and support.

Hinako Ninomiya

Hinako Ninomiya is Ranma and Akane's teacher. She was employed by Principal Kuno to help deal with all the "delinquent" students at Furinkan High.

When Hinako was very young, she was quite sick and was hospitalized. While there she was discovered by Happosai and learned a chi-draining technique from him (he taught her this so that she would stop the nurses from chasing him after he stole their underwear).

When Hinako uses this technique she grows into an older, twenty-something woman (her proper age). But the rest of her time is spent as a young, energetic child. Her personality changes to reflect her different ages.

Hinako is the homeroom and English teacher at Furinkan for the 10th grade. She also has quite a crush on Soun Tendo because he was nice to her when she was in her child form.

Hinako's name translation is quite clever. "Hina" means "young bird" and "ko" is a common feminine name ending. Ninomiya is broken down into "two princesses" which is obviously about her adult and child forms.