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The Saotomes

Ranma Saotome
Genma Saotome
Nadoka Saotome

Ranma Saotome

Names: Ranma Saotome; Saotome Ranma; Ranchan; Ranko; Onna-Ranma (girl form); Otoko-Ranma (boy form)
Name Meaning: Ranma = "disorderly horse"; Saotome = "rice planting girl"
Age: 16
Relatives: Genma Saotome (father), Nodoka Saotome (mother)
Nationality: Japanese
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Black as Boy, Red as Girl
Curse: Changes into a Girl whenever he touches cold water, and changes back to himself when he touches warm water
Love Interest: Akane
Loved by: Akane, Ukyo, Shampoo, Kodachi, Kuno (as girl)
Fiancees: Akane Tendou, Ukyou Kuonji, and Shampoo
Occupation: Student at Furinkan High
Hobbies: Martial Arts, pissing off Akane
Fighting Styles: Musabetsu Kakuto (a.k.a. Indiscriminant grappling; Anything goes)
Weaknesses: Cats, cold water, and Akane
Opponents and Rivals: Mousse, Cologne, Happosai, Ryoga, Kuno, Kodachi, Tsubasa, Konatsu, Gosunkugi, Nabiki, Herb, Pantyhose Taro, and others

Ranma is the protagonist of the series (hence the name, Ranma 1/2). He is a Bishonin in ways, He's got several girls madly in love whith him, he's good looking, but he isn't too suave. Ranma has a lot of pride in his martial arts ability, to the point of overconfidence at times. He does, though have some room to justify this. Though he isn't quite that intelligent in other matters, Ranma is incredibly adept at learning from his mistakes in a fight and fixing them the next time around. He possesses a wonderful mix of the Chinese and Japanese styles of martial arts that is almost impossible to beat. Ranma is quick to prove himself, and will not back down from any type of fight, even if he is in danger of losing.

One thing that Ranma is definitely NOT good at, however is matters of the heart. He fumbles along with trying to express his feelings for Akane, but can't seem to get the words out. It comes out usually as an insult or a derogatory comment. Of course, Akane isn't the best conveyer of feelings herself, and Ranma's bad attitude and insults do not help this situation. At times, though, Ranma has shown that he too can be a nice guy. He is nevertheless trying his best to deal with the situation he's been put in.

Genma Saotome

Names: Genma Saotome; Saotome Genma
Name Meaning: Genma = "dark horse"; Saotome = "rice planting girl"
Age: approxamotely 35-45
Relatives: Ranma Saotome (son), Nodoka Saotome (wife)
Nationality: Japanese
Eye Color: Black
Hair Color: None, was black
Curse: Changes into a giant Panda whenever he touches cold water, and changes back to himself when he touches warm water
Occupation: Handyman for Dr. Tofu
Hobbies: Martial Arts, strutting around in Panda form
Fighting Styles: Musabetsu Kakuto (a.k.a. Indiscriminant grappling; Anything goes)
Rivals/Opponents: Happosai and Ranma

Genma follows his own interpretation of the Anything-Goes Martial Arts code (which isn't exactly all that virtuous). Genma himself claims to be a model martial artist, which he seems to be, fighting-wise anyway. He makes sure to make a point of telling Ranma the right thing to do, but he doesn't practice what he preaches. Genma isn't to smart sometimes, he can be idiotic, dim-witted, and stupid, but he means well (Accursed Springs). But he is not always that stupid, he does many smart things which somewhat make up for the stupid things he does. He concerns himself with food, seems to look out for himself most of the time, but he is a coward when it comes to challenging situations. He is in no way dishonorable, but he has been known to attempt to justify what he has done through ridiculous logic and pleading tones of language. In short, Genma does have a sense of honor, but is definitely more willing to bend the rules more than the average martial artist.

Despite being cursed, Genma actually seems to like his panda form and goes about in public freely in it. When in Panda form, he talks with wooden signs which are always quite comical. He has been known to use his panda form to get out of situations or otherwise use it to his advantage.

Nadoka Saotome

Nodoka Saotome is the wife of Genma and mother to Ranma. She is kind and caring, but Genma made a promise to her that if he was unable to raise Ranma to be a "man among men" that they would commit seppoku. And because of Ranma's curse, he is constantly in hiding from her.

Nodoka is often seen carrying her sword upon the chance she might find her son and husband, and the possibility that Genma didn't live up to his promise. Nodoka is very loving though, and would never actually drive her husband and son to suicide.

Nodoka often stops by the Tendo Dojo looking for Ranma and Genma, but only finds Soun and his daughters....and the Tendo's red-headed cousin Lanko with her pet panda. Nodoka is a kind soul and even offered to help Akane learn to cook better.

Nodoka means "calm" or "peaceful" which is interesting because she is very calm, but everyone believes otherwise. Saotome means "rice planting girl" which more of a pun with Ranma's name than Nodoka's.