Otoko-Ranma Winamp Skins

Ranma Amp

Title: Ranma Amp

Author: Ukyou Kuonji

Author's E-Mail: ukyou@anime4ever.com

Author's Comments: Ranma from Ranma 1/2. It's Ranchan of course! The one and only!

Date Published: June 11, 2001


Ranma Pointing

Title: Ranma Pointing

Author: Joshua Estes

Author's E-Mail: darialan@yahoo.com

Author's Comments: Ranma pointing. Ranma's uhh pointing.

Date Published: August 8, 2001



Title: Ranma-kun

Author: Carolina B

Author's E-Mail: petchan22@yahoo.com

Author's Homepage: www.angelfire.com/celeb2/aguilera

Author's Comments: Ranma-kun (male) from anime Ranma 1/2 Just Ranma wearing his typical outfit. I would kill to have a chinese shirt like that.

Date Published: October 14, 2001


Ranma kun and chan

Title: Ranma kun and chan

Author: Gilmar Suguisaki

Author's E-Mail: gigaton@sercomtel.com.br

Author's Comments: Ranma kun and Ranma chan of anime Ranma½. A skin from male and female Saotome Ranma of anime Ranma½

Date Published: April 25, 2001

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