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Between the Rainbow and the Sun
Niji to Taiy˘ no Oka

Performed by: Piyo Piyo
Lyrics by: Shigezo Kamimura
Composed by: Shigezo Kamimura
Arrange by: Piyo Piyo
Released through: Kitty Records, Inc.
Used in On-Air Episodes: Ranma Ż Nett˘hen 118-143 (Ending Theme)
Used in Viz Video Episodes: N/A

Though we stay close enough to stare at each other, our kindness and
smiles miss each other
You pretend not to notice, and walk away quickly

Even so, atop that shining hill
Only by play-acting out little bits and pieces of the story
The rainbow which enfold the two of us will grant one wish

They hold the fragrance of the sun, your dreams and your shirts
Your hope-filled eyes make eveerything sparkle
That's why you mustn't give up your important dreams
Hold on to your strength and your courage, fly into the blue skies