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Don't Make Me Wild Like You
Ja Ja Uma ni Sasenaide

Performed by: Etsuko Nishio
Composer: Yukinojo Mori
Arrangement: Kunio Matsumura
Released Through: Kitty Records
Used in On-Air Episodes: Ranma 1-18 (Opening Theme)
Used in Viz Video Episodes: Ranma 1-18
Sing-Along-Able lyrics by: Trish Ledoux

Yappa paa, yappa paa, don't know what to do
My heart is not a game...
It's mah-jongg to you.

Yappa paa, yappa paa, feel like such a shrew
Who needs boys? Don't you dare...
Make me wild like you.

Before you, boys got on their knees
Ranma, Ranma, you...
Make me feel dizzy.
Since the day I ran into you...

Ranma, Ranma, you
Stole my heart and you
Don't you dare go and...
Make me wild like you.

Somebody tell me why it's so hard
To say those three words, "I love you"?

If I let myself give into you
I'll become just as wild as you!

Before you come in like a breeze
Won't you stop and ring the bell, please?
Before you make my heard your home
Why not let me love you on my own?

I'd be better off without you...
But just tonight, it's all right...
Until tomorrow, all right.

Every time your eyes turn to me
Ranma, Ranma, you make me feel dizzy.
Someday we may be more than "friends"...

Ranma, Ranma, you've
Gone and done it true
Can't you see that you've
Made me wild like you.