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Earth Orchestra
Chikyû Ookesutora

Perfromed by: Kusu Kusu
Lyrics by: Jiro
Composed by: Makoto
Arranged by: Kusu Kusu
Released Thru: Polystar Co., Ltd.
Used in On-Air Episodes: Ranma ½ Nettôhen 70-99 (Opening Theme)
Used in Viz Video Episodes: Ranma ½ Martial Mayhem 1-29

If you listen closely, where you can't see, in the distance
You'll be able to hear a singing voice

The machine or whatever it is which produces that voice
Cannot be seen within this city

Because that voice is wiped out before it reached here
I can't hear that clear song

It'll come to you, that little sound
Right next to you, right before your nose and eyes

It'll be overflowing, that green sound
So long as no one gets in its way

You're one of those sounds born on this wide, great earth
Let's return to it, to the inside of that sound

If you create a rhythm using those nostalgic tremors of the
mountains, you'll be able to see the dancing earth
Play enormous, blue, and high sound-the earth orchestra