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Equal Romance
Equal Romansu

Performed by: CoCo
Lyrics by: Neko Oikawa
Composed by: Miyoko Yamaguchi
Arranged by: Akira Nakamura
Released Through: Kitty/Pony Canyon
Used in On-Air Episodes: Ranma 14-18 (Ending Theme)
Used in Viz Video Episodes: Ranma 14-18
Sing-Along-Able lyrics by: Trish Ledoux

Darling, just for me can't I wait for you?
In your heart, I wanna make you feel so brand-new!

When you beckon, love comes at your call
It's a love that's meant to be.

It's in the stars above...
Why not fall in love?

Tonight, isn't it sweet?
There by the beach, a car; two lovers talking.

It's true! I saw it too
They held each other yet seemed far away.

Invisible barrier
Something's come between them; you know what I mean.

See the tears beging to flow
Fall in love...