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Performed by: Yawmin
Lyrics by: Junko Oyama
Composed by: Minami Toshikazu
Arranged by: Hideharu Mori
Released Through: Kitty Records, Inc.
Used in On-Air Episodes: Ranma ½ Nettôhen 55-69 (Ending Theme)
Used in Viz Video Episodes: Ranma ½ Martial Mayhem 1-14
Translated by: Toshifuma Yoshida for the Ranma ½ Video Jukebox

On the edge of a forest of buildings which seem about to tople over
I hid, holding back my excited breathing

Going through a secret alley
Fleeing friends, just within reach of fingertips
It wasn't a game, it
Was decided by destiny

Even if the little trail of bread (crumbs) I left behind me on the way home
Crumbles into the asphalt
The wind which pounds into my back carries them to me, the
Sound of your nostalgic foot-steps and then, your voice