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Little Date
Ritoru Deito

Performed by: Ribbon
Lyricist: Yoshiko Miura
Comoser: Tsugutoshi Goto
Arrangement: Tsugutoshi Goto
Released Through: KItty/Pony Canyon
Used in On-Air Episodes: Ranma ½ Nettôhen 7-13 (Opening Theme)
Used in Viz Video Episodes: Ranma ½ Anything Goes Martial Arts 1-22
Sing-Along-Able lyrics by: Trish Ledoux

From high above comes the setting sun
Delivering me to the dream country.
Stars above, can't help counting one by one.

Coule on a deck:
Don't make a scene... No! No!

Heck, I'm a nervous wreck:
My shaking knees, unforeseen.

Try to smile, for a while...
Stop, it's futile.
I'm a lonely girl, so loney girl...

Chance and sun, now look what they've done
Bringing me out here to you.

Even tho', in a bow, ribbons blue
Hold my heart from view.

Shining; dreaming; oh-so-quickly
Breezes salty blow in from the sea.

It's not I don't love you...
No, that couldn't be.

But now, this I vow:
No more date for me.