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Love Seeker (Can't Stop It)
Ravu Shiikaa (Can't Stop It)

Performed by: VisioN
Lyrics by: Mitsuko Komuro
Composed by: Miyabi, Yuki, Teru, Take
Arranged by: VisioN
Released through: Media Remoras, Inc.
Used in On-Air Episodes: Ranma ½ Nettôhen 118-143 (Opening Theme)
Used in Viz Video Episodes: N/A

The building wall is a giant screen
The goddess of the city, Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!
She smiles down, so sweet I found you

For each hundred-million dreams, there's a billion chances
The safe path, No! No! No!
No one knows, (so) don't cheat
(Oh yeah!)

In the labyrinthine city, you and I together
Cary on, carry on, if you begin to run
Can't stop it! No way out
Can't stop it! Eternally...
Can't stop it! Unstoppalbe
How can you hold me on?