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Us From now on
Boku-tachi wa Kore Kara

Performed by: DoCo USA
Lyrics by: Yukari Izumi
Composed by: Kenji Kawai
Arranged by: Kenji Kawai
Released thru: Kitty Records, Inc.
Used in On-Air Episodes: OAV
English Sing-a-longable lyrics by: Trish Ledoux

Akane: You may touch me in dreams but they don't stay...

All: Today you don't have much to say.

Akane: How am I gonna face the light of day?

All: What have I done now?

Nabiki: Things that we leave unspoken
thinking its for the best
then I look into your eyes
gets tight in my chest...

Kasumi: Hear the river that tells of our goodbye.

All: It's late and they all wait for me!

Kasumi: "Sayonara" it whispers on the breeze.

Shampoo: Let me know what in your heart
thats a good place to start
all I need is a small start
and I give my heart to you!

All: You and me have still got
so much we need to say!

Friends is not enough
Why can't we seize the day?

Ranma: Dontcha know I got no idea
from this point on...

All: So far to go, until we both are free...
You and me!