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I am sorry, but I am not able to host the MP3s at this time. For now you can use this site for reference. You can find all of these songs on AudioGalaxy, which is a wonderful music sharing site.

Season Opening Songs

Song NameLocationTime
Don't Make Me Wild Like You
Ja Ja Uma ni Sasenaide
1st Season Opening Song3:27
Little Date
Ritoru Deito
2nd Season Opening Song4:14
So Many Memories
Omoide ga Ippai
3th Season Opening Song3:54
No Way!
Zettai! Part 2
4th Season Opening Song3:29
Earth Orchestra
Chiky Ookesutora
5th Season Opening Song3:42
Don't Cry Any More
M Nakanaide
6th Season Opening Song3:39
Love Seeker (Can't Stop It)
Ravu Shiikaa (Can't Stop It)
7th Season Opening Song5:11

Season Closing Songs

Let's Keep it Friends
Platonic Tsuranuite
Firs Half of 1st Season Closing Song3:34
Equal Romance
Equal Romansu
Second Half of 1st Season Closing Song4:27
China Boy
Don't Mind Lay-Lay Boy
2nd Season Closing Song3:23
Lambada Ranma3th Season Closing Song3:26
4th Season Closing Song4:50
FriendsFirst Half of 5th Season Closing Song4:34
Poppy Flower
Second Half of 5th Season Closing Song4:03
Positive6th Season Closing Song4:09
Between the Rainbow and the Sun
Niji to Taiy no Oka
7th Season Closing Song4:09

OAV and Movie Songs

It's Love!! Panic!!
Koi da!! Panikku!!
OAV Opening Song3:40
Red Shoe Sunday
Akai Kutsu no Sunday
OAV Ending Song4:39
Us From now on
Boku-tachi wa Kore Kara
Another OAV Opening Song3:56
The Ballad of Ranma and Akane
Ranma to Akane no Barrado
Another OAV Closing Song2:39
It's Love1st Movie Theme3:08
Piece of Love2nd Movie Theme4:42